The next Poetry Jam at Waddington Street Centre is on Thursday 5th April 2018 - guests are Jeff Price, Cath Campbell and Michael Pittuck plus lively open floor readings / performances. Get on down to Waddy - jamming good poetry in Durham City since 2009. 

 ANOMALIES 1989-2014

Steve is currently assembling a twenty-six year retrospective of poems and prose pieces. Although some of the work has appeared in magazines, it has never been previously collected in book form. "ANOMALIES 1989-2014" will be a 240-280 approx page handmade hardback, featuring reproductions of magazine pages alongside essays, poems and journal entries. This volume won’t be 'published' in the conventional sense, as no two books will be exactly the same. Contents will vary slightly depending on the intended recipient. Steve will be concentrating on this deluxe project until spring 2018.

Steve's next official poetry collection “Laughter to Split Glass” is undergoing final tweaks and due for publication by Red Squirrel Press in 2018. Many thanks to The Fat Damsel for publishing extracts from it here.


Steve Urwin is performing a fifteen minute set at The Stanza at Beldons in North Shields on Thursday 18th August 2016.

He will then perform a forty-five minute afternoon set at Never Mind the Ramones 3 in Gateshead at Caedmon Hall on Saturday 20th August.

Steve is proud to announce that Talking Pen will be a seller at Festival of the Zine 2016 in Newcastle on Saturday 28th May. There'll be one or two new titles on sale. And plenty of great DIY presses with stalls and workshops throughout the afternoon.

For a list of useful spoken word / venue links visit Steve's gig Archive

Following two highly successful Writing Marathons in January and April 2016 at Broadacre House in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, plans are under way to do more throughout the year. Details to be revealed in due course.

In the last year or so, he has taken a strong interest in grass roots personal magazines, or 'perzines' as they are known – collaged autobiographical chapbooks and monographs produced independently by their authors using cut and paste layout, black and white graphics and photocopier reproduction. It is quite possible that a few small Steve Urwin booklets will appear sporadically over the next twelve months

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